Wednesday, August 27, 2008

BabyLegs-One Size Fits Most!

If you haven't already heard of BabyLegs, you may think these adorable leg warmers are just for babies...and you would be wrong! In fact, BabyLegs make great leggings for all ages as well as arm warmers for everyone in the family! I prefer to use BabyLegs over tights for my daughter. I got tired of her coming home every day with a new tear somewhere in her tights and even normal child leggings couldn't hold up to her wear and tear. But, because BabyLegs are sewn with an overlock stitch (in gold, so you know it's a true BabyLegs product) and are made more durable than most leggings, they've managed to last through multiple wearings and look as great as when we first used them! My son loves his BabyLegs too. With him crawling around and bumping himself on things, having his legs protected is a necessity as well as helping to prevent sunburn when we're outside. As for me, all too often I grab a pair of Aidan's BabyLegs for my arms when a sweater isn't appropriate i.e. those trips to the grocery store where the aisles are freezing and entering various stores. Which, Aidan appreciates them too in those cases. Being in Texas, summers don't usually warrant jeans and onesies are perfect for keeping him cool. As soon as we enter a store though, you can tell his little legs are cold and he's miserable. That's why I always keep at least one pair of BabyLegs in my diaper bag, they come in handy when you don't think you'll need them!
Summer everywhere is winding down and fall is about to set in. As it gets chilly outdoors, especially at night, make sure you have your BabyLegs with you everywhere you go! As a bonus, there are still Sew Golden BabyLegs in stock at the Dreamscapes Baby Boutique, and there are still prizes to be claimed, even the Grand Prize trip to Seattle! Grab a pair of BabyLegs now before they sell out for the season and see if you won!

Hoping and Dreaming You'll Be a Winner,

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