Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New on the CPSIA

New Safety Law No Fun for VT's Artisan Toymakers
Local Matters
By Ken Picard [12.17.08]

What's this?
Nothing speeds the wheels of Congress like children in peril and, by any measure, 2007 was the year of living dangerously for children’s products. Dubbed “The Year of the Recall” by Consumer Reports, 2007 saw a record number of children’s products pulled from store shelves — an average of four per week. In all, more than 46 million kids’ items were deemed too perilous for public use. They included lead-contaminated toy trains, collapsing cribs, magnetic choking hazards and toxin-tainted craft sets. Seventeen percent of the recalls were prompted by injuries or deaths, according to a report from the nonprofit consumer group Kids in Danger.
Congress reacted swiftly. In August it passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, enacting some of the world’s toughest standards on children’s products. CPSIA was hailed as a major triumph by consumer groups and child-safety advocates. Among other things, the law increased the staffing and funding of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, expanded oversight of imported goods, created a searchable public database for product injuries, and imposed stiff penalties on companies that break the law.
By and large, the negative publicity surrounding the recalls benefited Vermont’s artisan toy and clothing makers. Since nearly all the tainted toys were mass-produced in China or other Asian countries, playthings made locally from all-natural materials looked better, and safer, than the competition.
But the CPSIA, which passed with scant industry input or congressional debate, may end up taking those homegrown companies down, too. It mandates extensive third-party testing and labeling of all children’s toys, furnishings and garments for choking hazards and toxic chemicals. Chief among them are lead and phthalates, a class of vinyl softeners hazardous to humans. And, since the CPSIA covers such a wide array of products and parts, from bath seats to all-terrain vehicles, assessing the cost of testing is difficult. Industry estimates range from $140 to $4000 per item.
In many cases, manufacturers must test for banned substances, even if their products would have no rationale for containing those chemicals, such as a plastic softener in an all-wood toy.
Some Vermont toy makers claim that the new regs, which start phasing in on February 10, are impractical and too costly. They say if the new law isn’t modified for smaller producers, it could spell the end of Vermont’s artisan-toy industry. And, unlike the Toy Industry Association, which represents primarily large manufacturers, there is no trade group speaking on behalf of small, independent toy makers.
Ron Voake, owner of Vermont Wooden Toys of Norwich, has been hand-making children’s toys for 35 years, almost exclusively from wood sourced in New England and Canada. “It’s my full-time thing,” Voake says. “It’s not really a moneymaker, but it’s fun to do.”
Voake just learned about the CPSIA last week and says he has “no idea” what the new law could cost him. But, if the published reports he’s read are true, he’ll have to stop selling his toys to the public. “I don’t know what to make of it, but there’s not a lot I can do about it,” he says.
Craftsbury Kids of Montpelier is a local online seller of toys, jewelry, clothing and other children’s items. The company sources its products from about 100 different independent artisans and crafters worldwide. The cost of testing each item in a government-certified lab could be a deal-breaker.
“We wouldn’t be able to sell anything that we sell now, that’s for sure,” says company spokesperson Michael Secore.
And the new law doesn’t just apply to toys. Kathleen Fasanella is owner of Fashion-Incubator of Las Cruses, N.M., an Internet-based trade magazine that serves primarily small- and medium-sized makers of sewn items, such as clothing, apparel and stuffed animals. Fasanella is unequivocal about the law’s impact on her industry: “It’s going to put us all out of business.”
According to Fasanella, anyone who sells items for kids will be affected, including the grandmother who knits baby booties and sweaters, or the local thrift shop that sells secondhand children’s toys and strollers.
“Legally, after February 10, you can’t even give that stuff away” she asserts. “If you don’t have the certificate, it has to be destroyed.”
David Arkush is director of the Congress Watch division of Public Citizen, one of the half-dozen or so activist groups that pushed for passage of the CPSIA. Although Arkush says he’s only now starting to hear from small, independent manufacturers, he believes the claims about excessive testing costs are the result of poor information from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, if not a deliberate misinformation campaign.
“Some of their perceptions of what the costs are going to be are really overblown,” Arkush asserts. The CPSC “is not a bunch of jackbooted thugs who are going to come lock people up if they’re not complying with the law.”
Arkush admits some of the mandates may sound absurd at first blush, such as testing wooden toys for phthalates, or testing cotton T-shirts for lead.
“But we’re erring on the side of safety,” he adds, “because this is about lead and other toxic chemicals that are very dangerous to children.”
Some local toymakers aren’t waiting around for the law to be amended. Mike Rainville is owner of Maple Landmark Woodcraft of Middlebury. His company, which has been in business for nearly 30 years and employs 40 people, has already begun the first phase of testing its entire line of children’s goods — 880 in all. But since there’s no government-approved lab in Vermont, all his products must be sent out of state. He says some of his slower-selling lines that don’t justify the cost of testing will likely be phased out.
“We essentially don’t have any choice. We’re large enough and visible enough, and our customers expect it,” Rainville says. “The program is far from flawless and it’s far from inexpensive.”
Rainville hasn’t yet received a final bill for the first round of tests. But he says he thinks he can keep the cost under 5 percent of his total revenues — still a major hit, especially in a poor economy when domestic manufacturers face serious import pressures.
“The ultimate sad irony,” Rainville adds, would be “if the small companies that have benefited from all the problems of the last 15 months end up being the ones driven out of business by the solution. And there’s a real chance of that happening.”

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cyber Monday Sale!!

Yes, it's Cyber Monday and stores everywhere are offering incentives for purchasing online! To follow suit, starting today until Friday, December 5th, we're offering $5 off every purchase of $25 or more! And shipping is free for all orders over $99!

Black Friday was great and all, and I know I did enough walking around stores to last me for awhile, but being able to just relax after the holidays and shop and compare online makes things so much easier!

Happy Shopping!

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Vote for US!

Vote for Dreamscapes Baby as the Best Dressed Website!!! Just go to and enter our website address:! It's that easy!

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Halloween Sale!

Halloween is literally right around the corner and we have the best Halloween basics for baby! Our black short sleeve onesies are now on sale for only $7.99 just for Halloween! Make sure to grab yours quickly!

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We're featured!

I don't know why I'm just now getting around to posting this, but Dreamscapes Baby Boutique was featured in the online iEmporium magazine!

Now, on to other news. If you have noticed fewer posts it's because I've been dealing with work/occupational hazards i.e. carpal tunnel! I'm resting as much as possible and typing as little as I can. But for now, I will say to check out all the great Halloween items at the boutique and get yourself ready for some upcoming sales! Now is the time to subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know what's happening at the boutique.

Until I can type again,

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Designer Vs. The Knockoff

Something recently brought this topic to my attention, and I realized just how passionate I was about it! Let me preface this by saying I like high fashion and the art that goes behind it. I am one of those people that sees designs as living art and I appreciate the talent and creativity involved. The best part is seeing a designer jump out of his comfort zone to create something unique and different. That's true art in the fashion world. I know there's a Devil Wears Prada quote that would fit this theme nicely. :)

If you love Manolos, but don't know much about the history, I would really spend the time Googling it (I'll spare you the history here). Manolo Blahnik was an artist before he created shoes, but it was his shoe art that started him down a path of being known as a true shoe designer and artist. I have complete respect for that. If you truly understand the art behind the shoe, you can respect that the designer created it as a piece of art you can wear. Our guys may not really understand the premise of this concept, but those of us women that love shoes can attest to it!

But this isn't about Manolo.

This is about the complete respect I share for those that saw a need, created a design no one else had created, and became successsful for it. One of my favorite brands is Swankie Blankie. If you haven't yet heard of them, they are a baby blanket and more company that started because a mom saw a need, created something that at the time was uniquely different, and has become successful for it. For all I know, before Susie Grant created Swankie Blankie, no other blankets out there were made using the minky chenille that we all see everywhere now from boutiques to Wal Mart. Hers is just another brand on a long list of brands that I fell in love with while at Neimans. Maybe one day I will just make a list. :)

But again, this isn't about Swankie Blankie either. Dreamscapes Baby is not affiliated in any way with the company and we do not sell their products, but perhaps someday in the future I may think about it. At the current time, they could be considered a direct competitor for my own line of custom minky blankets.

No, this is about the original and the knockoff. As a designer, I know firsthand how important it is to create something new and different. Every piece I create has to be something no one else has. Even clients that send me pictures of items they like are quickly told that we can use the picture for inspiration, but Two Crowns Bedding will not duplicate the item. It's important to me to not ripoff the designer who had the vision to create it in the first place.

Even though our custom baby blankets may look similar to what you see on the market today, the main difference is that we are the ONLY fully custom blanket creator. We aren't going to tell you what goes together, we let you decide. Want black and white zebra with orange satin ruffles? We'll make it! Want your school colors in blue and burgundy? Great! We have it! That's where we have set ourselves apart. While we don't currently offer premade blankets, we are working on creating some. As of right now, your blanket is custom made to order exactly to how you want it. You choose where your monogramming will be, what font you want it in, and what thread color. Who are we to tell you what is and is not a correct color combination? That's why we do what we do!

Again though, this is not how this post began. What started this heated topic is the fact that a business friend of mine found out she was being knocked off by two different stay at home moms starting their own business. One was knocking her designs off without the same quality, and the other was supposed to be an authorized retailer, but was selling the designs as her own. Without her images being watermarked, my friend said these two ladies used the pictures of her items from her page and was using them as their own without giving any credit to the original. That's what blows my mind. On top of that, I was recently shopping at a nearby store and I put my son's BabyLegs on since it was cold, and a lady stopped me and asked if they were BabyLegs. Why yes they are, I said! I absolutely love BabyLegs! Her response to me was this: "Well, I prefer to support the work at home mom who makes them herself." What?? And her reply was said with utmost snobbery at that. Believe me, I'm all about supporting other WAHMs and their businesses, especially when they are doing something new and interesting, but supporting people who have no creativity of their own and instead steal other people's designs is not what I'm about.

Our world is full of knockoffs. People who buy knockoff designer purses to have the "look" and the "name" without the cost are only hurting the people who originally took their time to design something beautiful. That's not admirable. And no, I'm not one that can afford the latest designer bags and clothing, but trust me, I would rather wear Target label clothing for cheap than buy a knockoff designer label. But then again, you also realize that even the cheap authentic was created because something on the runway made it a fashion statement and it trickled down into the department stores and hence, another Devil Wears Prada reference could be stated here.

So maybe you can't always have the original and authentic. Maybe our society will always allow a version of a knockoff. But don't ever forget the originals behind everything we wear and buy. They are the true artists.

And being a true artist is what I aspire to be.

Dreaming Up Originality,

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Latest in Kids Fashion??

I was just watching NBC Today's show and they had a segment on children's fashion today. They featured a little girl wearing a rainbow striped sweater, plaid pleated skirt, brown and pink polka dot leggings and black military style boots. And for some reason the host stated that if parents came dressed like this we would look like we just got out of bed, but for kids it works. Um...I hate to tell you this but NO it doesn't! Who in their right mind would dress their kids like this? It looks like they dressed themselves in the morning and walked out that way. Or that dad dressed them. Just teasing dads!

It gets me to thinking: how often do we look up to designers telling us what is hot for the season? If you haven't noticed, most items fit for the runway are not fit for regular every day people like you and me. They are designed for a particular body style and will only compliment that style and no other.

I leave it up to the every day moms and dads out there to decide what fashion truly is. If no one buys it, then who cares who designed it?

Have you ever walked by a display and all the manequins in the window were layered in what seems to be every item of clothing in the store? And yet, no one ever actually wears the clothing that way? It may be a little known secret that visual merchandisers responsible for the displays in stores layer things to show options and to fit as many items as possible onto one manequin so you can see a larger variety of clothing. However, since real people don't dress that way, it doesn't always work effectively.

There's a story my parents tell that when I was young (about 6 perhaps) I asked if I could do the displays in their store window (my parents owned a retail store in Oklahoma City, OK). I could use whatever I wanted. So, I went about looking for items to dress the display manequins and what I chose were every day items that you would wear by themself, not layered. You can imagine how shocked my parents were when they sold out of those items that same week! Another time, I was an assistant manager at a clothing store in Plano, TX and at one point we didn't have a visual merchandiser to do the displays so I took it upon myself to change them. I used actual matching pieces and accessories, clothing that you could easily see putting together as an outfit and walking out of the store looking great. Perhaps I'm crazy like that, but those particular items were the first to sell in the store. So much so that I had to constantly change our displays because we would sell the outfits right off of the manequins!

And then the corporate office hired a VM and it went back to layers and layers and less and less sales. Sadly, that company soon went out of business. Turns out, not everyone appreciates paying cheaper prices for something that falls apart after one wash. Myself included. But hey, it was a job and a stepping stone for my Neiman Marcus experience.

I guess fashion has always been in my blood, and I know what I like when I see it. That's my hope for the boutique as well, that I can offer the best in children's fashion without sacrificing quality. I won't sell anything that I don't think fits with my goals for the boutique.

And you won't find pictures on the boutique of kids wearing multiple layers. ;)

Dreaming up new ideas daily,

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What Happened to Customer Service?

It's almost that time again! The Christmas shopping rush is about to begin. Stores are already putting out their holiday items and decorations. We've somehow bypassed Halloween and Thanksgiving Day here in the US to target one of the most commercial holidays that exists. The problem I have isn't that stores are rapidly feeding the upcoming frenzy, but the lack of proper customer service that accompanies it. Many of the workers are part time and new to the store and can't answer simple questions. If you have a problem with an item it's hard to get it replaced or your money back. I've eaten at restaurants where my food was cold by the time I got it, my order was messed up entirely, and in one case the waitress actually lost my credit card (thankfully another patron found it and turned it in). And none of those places offered any type of consolation for what happened, just an insincere apology.

Now, we ate at a great restaurant one day in Denton with friends and somehow our order was misplaced and it was an hour before we got to eat! We were enjoying time with friends and chatting but Aidan was getting restless. The waitress brought him out some milk for free, and the manager comped most of our meal...and we never even complained! Talk about service! We weren't upset by it, we weren't complaining about it, and yet they felt the need to be proactive and take care of us. We love this restaurant and of course we'll eat there again. But, the lesson is one about customer service in today's society.

Because it is so important for my customers to have a satisfying shopping experience, I am completely proactive when things don't go as planned. I take pride in the fact that I will do whatever it takes (within reason) to make you happy. You aren't my customers, you're my friends. If you've ever ordered from the boutique, I hope you had an enjoyable experience. We have a guestbook page and we appreciate the wonderful comments we've received. If at any time you are unhappy with your service, please call us directly at 1-888-548-7641 or email and we'll take care of you. That's our pledge.

Oh! And if you are one of the millions of people who are dreading the crowded shopping malls this holiday season, feel free to stay in your pjs and order from us online or over the phone! We can even box up your gift for you and your shopping is done. Not sure what someone would want? We also carry gift certificates in varying denominations to make the pickiest person happy. Taking care of you is what we do, and it's what we enjoy doing.

Dreaming of a Snow White Holiday,

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hello, I'm Amber, and I'm a workaholic...

Now that it's the close of the Labor Day holiday, I am officially back at work doing everything and anything with the store and our upcoming Spring 09 season. That's right people, it's already that time again when we buyers are out there at the markets making our choices on our Spring lineup. And let me tell ya, we have quite a few surprises in store! Unfortunately, those details are first disclosed through the Dreamscapes Baby newsletter. If you haven't joined up yet, go to the Dreamscapes Baby website and on the left side is a newsletter subscription box! Trust me, I won't be spamming your inbox every day. That would take a lot of time and with two kids, time is something I don't fool around with! So right now, we're doing a monthly newsletter and every month is a discount coupon just for you!

You know you love your job when you can't turn your mind off of work. Even though my family spent the holiday at the lake with more family, I was completely at a loss without my cell phone, email, and internet! I guess I have one of those creative minds that just won't turn off and without an outlet, I go crazy!

So what's on my mind? First off, the Appaman Labor Day sale kept me extremely busy! It's already got me thinking about the next sale or promotion. I think it's only fair that we offer something special every once in awhile. On top of that, we just created our own signature giftwrapping! To add to the shopping experience, we want to offer a unique gift wrap option for certain items (unfortunately, we can't do giftwrap on all items...yet). We already wrap our warehouse items in blue and black tissue paper to make it extra special, but our giftwrap will add a black box to the packaging with a beautiful blue satin ribbon. The option for giftwrap will start appearing on special items this week! Perhaps we'll make a list of brands that are included and pricing options on this blog after it's all said and done.

What else? Well, the Spring line of course! I can't wait to reveal the new Spring Appaman, as well as let you in on the new lines we plan to carry!

I'm also enjoying blogging about life and children's fashion, and I hope you enjoy this blog as well. Thanks for recent comments on the PoshMama award! Now I have to live up to the hype!

Off to Dreamland,

Friday, August 29, 2008

Posh Mama Awards!

I just want to say I don't know how I got nominated (I think it was some kind of mistake) but I'll accept the award badge anyway! So thanks to those that chose me for the summer Posh Mama award! I love it!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

BabyLegs-One Size Fits Most!

If you haven't already heard of BabyLegs, you may think these adorable leg warmers are just for babies...and you would be wrong! In fact, BabyLegs make great leggings for all ages as well as arm warmers for everyone in the family! I prefer to use BabyLegs over tights for my daughter. I got tired of her coming home every day with a new tear somewhere in her tights and even normal child leggings couldn't hold up to her wear and tear. But, because BabyLegs are sewn with an overlock stitch (in gold, so you know it's a true BabyLegs product) and are made more durable than most leggings, they've managed to last through multiple wearings and look as great as when we first used them! My son loves his BabyLegs too. With him crawling around and bumping himself on things, having his legs protected is a necessity as well as helping to prevent sunburn when we're outside. As for me, all too often I grab a pair of Aidan's BabyLegs for my arms when a sweater isn't appropriate i.e. those trips to the grocery store where the aisles are freezing and entering various stores. Which, Aidan appreciates them too in those cases. Being in Texas, summers don't usually warrant jeans and onesies are perfect for keeping him cool. As soon as we enter a store though, you can tell his little legs are cold and he's miserable. That's why I always keep at least one pair of BabyLegs in my diaper bag, they come in handy when you don't think you'll need them!
Summer everywhere is winding down and fall is about to set in. As it gets chilly outdoors, especially at night, make sure you have your BabyLegs with you everywhere you go! As a bonus, there are still Sew Golden BabyLegs in stock at the Dreamscapes Baby Boutique, and there are still prizes to be claimed, even the Grand Prize trip to Seattle! Grab a pair of BabyLegs now before they sell out for the season and see if you won!

Hoping and Dreaming You'll Be a Winner,

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bibzees...Because Even Cool Babies Spit Up!

If you haven't yet heard of Bibzees, it's because Dreamscapes Baby is one of the first boutiques to offer it! I'm always searching for the next big thing, and helping women-owned businesses is a priority. With Bibzees, not only was it an incredible product, but their owner Beth Powell, is one amazing lady!

A friend of mine bought the Drama Queen shirt by Uncommonly Cute but complained that the design was covered up by the unsightly bib she had to use while her daughter was teething. I'm sure many moms have wondered why they buy adorable clothing that is just going to be covered up by Little Brother and Disney bibs. Beth Powell thought the same thing and realized there had to be a way to fix the problem...and she did! Bibzees is ingenious in that the bib is the actual fashion statement! The onesie is just the background to the hip bib design. Two bibs are included with each onesie so you can switch them out throughout the day.

My favorite is the Biker Chick/Rocker Chick Bibzee. The onesie is lavender and comes with a motorcycle bib and a guitar bib. Who says only boys can rock? The set is rolled neatly together and tied together with black ribbon. Then it's rolled into a black fabric type paper and sealed with a sticker. It's baby shower ready! No need to giftwrap!

I'm a true believer in this product. I've seen the quality and the detail that went into the bib designs and I love the idea behind it. We currently offer three designs to suit your tastes. Check them out now at the Dreamscapes Baby Boutique!

Keep Dreamin',

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Appaman Fall 2008 is HERE!!!

One of the hottest brands in kids wear today is Appaman, made famous by Maddox Jolie Pitt after sporting a shirt with the Appaman logo on the back. I was first introduced to this brand after my son was born in January 2007. A client of my husband's knew someone who owned a very popular upscale baby boutique in our area and she bought us a couple of items for our new bundle. One was a Cruisin' long sleeve tee from Binky Couture, and the other was a vintage black onesie with flames on the Appaman! It was our favorite item in my son's closet and he wore it until he grew out of it. We wanted to find more of these types of items by this designer...and unfortunately, the boutique she bought it from was limited in pieces and we couldn't find what we wanted. I am so in love with boys clothing today. I remember when my nephew was born 12 years ago, all there was for him was traditional smocking or sports clothing or polos. That was about it. My sister complained that boys clothing was the same everywhere and boring and I agreed.

Now look at today! Because celebrities have made being a mom a glamorous and sought after title, everything child related has changed. No longer are fashionable moms having to dress their fashionable kids in the same old thing. With Appaman, both boys and girls can strut their stuff in style.

My favorite pieces are of course the Henley with Flames and the Marine Motorcycle. While I'm not always an Angelina Jolie fan, I can thank her for publicizing a brand I fell in love with. It seems like anything her kids wear turns into the next hot item. I would complain about that, but her fashion taste in children's clothing is impecable and I have to agree with her choices. I'm always on the lookout for the best in kids clothing. I mentioned that Aidan wore his onesie a LOT but I didn't mention that it's still in GREAT shape without fading. On top of looking great, the quality is undeniable. I can say with absolute certainty that this is one brand that I've put through the ringer and has come out with two thumbs up!

Appaman is such a hot item that quantities are limited, so take a look and grab it while it's hot!

Keep Dreaming,

Thursday, July 24, 2008

One Posh Mama!

I'd like to think I have a pretty good handle on children's fashion. I know what I like and what I don't like and because of my history in retail (both growing up in the fashion industry and working in the children's department at Neiman Marcus) I am very picky as to what I allow on the Dreamscapes Baby Boutique store. I like to support other WAHMs, those that are out there creating their own niche in the marketplace and carving out a piece for themselves. They've found something missing and took the initiative to create it themselves. I have to say, as far as working with new designers and adding new products to the boutique, there is one place that I've found more vendors than any other. Not only that, but I've created friendships with the people whose products I sell, which adds something special every time someone buys from me. I know it doesn't only help me, it helps them further their goals as well. That place is PoshMama!

Posh Mama Online Magazine and Social Network is a positive and upbeat community made up of women from around the world. You will feel immediately welcomed as it is the sweetest spot on the 'net. Come hang out, network and make some great friends at I invite anyone moms out there or any women entrepeneurs to check it out. I honestly believe that knowing the person and not just the product is incredibly important. Neiman Marcus teaches their sales associates that you don't just get the sales, you get the friendships. I made friends with many of my former clients and I know how important it is to buy from someone you trust. That's one reason I started this blog. I wanted an outlet to express myself while talking about the store, but also to foster those personal relationships that are so important to me.

Before you buy online, get to know the person you're buying from. I encourage you to get to know me as well.

Keep Dreamin',

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer's Hottest Trend Is...


According to Camelopardia Fashionista:
Giraffe Fashion
Camel Leopard Fashion = Giraffe Fashion For many centuries wildlife fashion were very common during the time of adam and eve wearing authentic deer skins and now at present the wild are out in the city streets again. If tigers, leopards and lions were on the catwalk now our lovely giraffe walking out of the wilderness and into the urban city are the new trend in fashion the untamed tiger look are outwitted by these cute and sexy giraffe prints.

I personally have fallen in love with giraffe print. There's something so sophisticated and classy about it as compared to the typically flamboyant and wild cheetah and leopard prints. Anyone can wear giraffe, as long as it's worn correctly! The safari style is in and here to stay as it seems, and Dreamscapes Baby has the perfect accessory!

The giraffe hobo by OiOi is the perfect complement to any safari themed wardrobe. It's a perfect size for those quick trips to the store and comes with all the features of a larger diaper bag...except it doesn't look like a diaper bag!

Another option is the OiOi giraffe print tote bag, which has much more space to carry all the essentials, plus one. The lining is a burnt sienna color, adding a little spice to the muted exterior. No longer are diaper bags frumpy and boring, now they're an accessory!

As for me, my birthday gift this year was the Banana Republic dress I fell in love with:

Along with this, I ended up purchasing the hat pictured right after it went on sale. Of course, my giraffe craze isn't limited to diaper bags and dresses, my swimsuit is of course...giraffe! Thanks to Land's End:

You could say I went a little overboard with the print, but well, I'm not wearing them all at the same time! :) For any animal print, subdued pairings is key. Never wear different types of animal prints together. Don't overdo the print i.e. pair a solid top with a printed bottom. I don't think anyone can go wrong with wearing giraffe though, it's just a beautiful print.

Speaking of giraffes, our recent vacation to Disney World's Animal Kingdom was something amazing! We went on the Kilimanjaro Safari and we had to stop several times because a giraffe kept walking in the road ahead of us. We watched one gracefully run alongside our truck and another got so close to us, it looked like it was about to stick it's head in! Trinity could have easily reached out and touched it. The entire safari was amazing. I highly recommend it.

Until we dream again,

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rockin' Babies!

Dreamscapes Baby is proud to add Baby Rock Apparel and Crazy Baby Clothing Co. to our online boutique!

Baby Rock Apparel has created a line of funky and hip toddler tees that rock! Check out the Chick Magnet shirt in a vintage argyle or the Girls Rock pink tee for your little rock princess! Just in time for Father's Day, Cherish Thy Father is the perfect tee for Daddy's Little Princess!

Crazy Baby Clothing Co. is an edgy, alternative choice for the more punk rock moms and dads! With onesies featuring skulls, flaming dice, and cross screenprints, they are the perfect addition to the hip and trendy baby!

Don't forget, the BabyLegs Sew Golden campaign is going on NOW!!! Hurry on over to Dreamscapes Baby Boutique to get yours now!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Grand Opening!!

June 1st 2008 is our official grand opening and to kick it off, Dreamscapes Baby Boutique is participating in the BabyLegs Sew Golden campaign!

From June 1st to July 15th, you can find winning tickets in specially marked BabyLegs for great prizes---including on Grand Prize trip to Seattle! Check out our Sew Golden website for more details and to see the participating BabyLegs designs!

Dreamscapes Baby will also be adding a subscriber feature to our website very soon so that our members will be emailed special coupon discounts, upcoming items, and more!

Make sure to join the Blogger network and feel free to leave comments on the blog! We welcome your suggestions and questions!

Dreamscapes Baby