Monday, September 1, 2008

Hello, I'm Amber, and I'm a workaholic...

Now that it's the close of the Labor Day holiday, I am officially back at work doing everything and anything with the store and our upcoming Spring 09 season. That's right people, it's already that time again when we buyers are out there at the markets making our choices on our Spring lineup. And let me tell ya, we have quite a few surprises in store! Unfortunately, those details are first disclosed through the Dreamscapes Baby newsletter. If you haven't joined up yet, go to the Dreamscapes Baby website and on the left side is a newsletter subscription box! Trust me, I won't be spamming your inbox every day. That would take a lot of time and with two kids, time is something I don't fool around with! So right now, we're doing a monthly newsletter and every month is a discount coupon just for you!

You know you love your job when you can't turn your mind off of work. Even though my family spent the holiday at the lake with more family, I was completely at a loss without my cell phone, email, and internet! I guess I have one of those creative minds that just won't turn off and without an outlet, I go crazy!

So what's on my mind? First off, the Appaman Labor Day sale kept me extremely busy! It's already got me thinking about the next sale or promotion. I think it's only fair that we offer something special every once in awhile. On top of that, we just created our own signature giftwrapping! To add to the shopping experience, we want to offer a unique gift wrap option for certain items (unfortunately, we can't do giftwrap on all items...yet). We already wrap our warehouse items in blue and black tissue paper to make it extra special, but our giftwrap will add a black box to the packaging with a beautiful blue satin ribbon. The option for giftwrap will start appearing on special items this week! Perhaps we'll make a list of brands that are included and pricing options on this blog after it's all said and done.

What else? Well, the Spring line of course! I can't wait to reveal the new Spring Appaman, as well as let you in on the new lines we plan to carry!

I'm also enjoying blogging about life and children's fashion, and I hope you enjoy this blog as well. Thanks for recent comments on the PoshMama award! Now I have to live up to the hype!

Off to Dreamland,


Elizabeth said...

I think you're doing a great job designing your clothing line. I took a look at your site & everything is incredibly adorable! Good job! Looking forward to seeing you new line!

Dreamscapes Baby Boutique said...

Thanks Elizabth! I wish I could claim them as "mine" though! My own clothing line won't be out until perhaps sometime next spring! But, until then, the bedding line is all mine and everything else I carry are lines I'm just in love with and use for my own children! :D