Monday, March 23, 2009

Toy Wrangler!

If at any time I find a product that makes me go, "Where were these when my son was a baby?!" then I know I hit gold! In this case, the Toy Wrangler is the item I personally know that every mom can benefit from.

What does it do?

Keep toys off the floor and within baby's reach! The simple yet ingenious design allows you to use just one or all three colorful bungees to keep baby happy while you eat or shop. Durable plastic removable rings make it easy to interchange all of baby's favorite toys, big and small. A wraparound soft cotton cover protects baby from dirt and grime during play while the versatile, lightweight design makes it easy to fold and take it with you wherever you go. Also available is the Mini Toywrangler™.

No more searching on the floor while shopping,
in the car or out to eat.

How perfect is that? I just got one in the other day and it's awesome! It's exactly as pictured and it is so well created.

If your little one is somewhat past this stage, as my wonderful son is nearing the age of "Mommy, sit chair" and no longer in a high chair, the Mini ToyWrangler is the perfect accessory! Yes, my son still thinks throwing cups in the car is hilarious. Hitting me in the head with them isn't. Throwing toys while we're shopping is apparently pretty fun too. Not anymore though!

My son actually has that exact cup in the photo. The Toy Wranglers are proof that moms are the best inventors of products for moms. And that with a few savvy items up our sleeve, we can outwit our toddlers in ways we never knew was possible!

Who knew?

ToyWranglers are now available at the boutique!

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